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-Jon in Provo, UT | May 15, 2016

A scientific approach, informed, open-minded, fresh, and not limited to standard medical orthodoxies. She is smart enough to mix naturopathic and traditional medicine and prove their effectiveness; humble enough to follow true and open-minded scientific practices in her treatment decisions. I especially love her sunny smiles and the good spirit that pervades her clinic. I have discovered the power of integrative medicine as practiced by someone who knows me and cares about me as an individual.

-Health Grades

-Donna in Farmington, UT | Apr 09, 2016

My first appointment proved to be a great experience. Dr Ferreira was attentive, understanding, kind, empathetic and she truly listens. You don't feel rushed at all. She took her time to go over results, explaining, giving me reassurance and peace of mind. I felt comfortable with her as soon as she introduced herself. I love her approach to natural medicine and alternatives. I would definitely recommend her.

-Health Grades

-Keri in Bountiful, UT February 15, 2016 

After first consultation I finally felt like I was being heard and am excited to continue my healing process with Dr. Carmel Ferreira. She is very knowledgeable and has great bed side manner.


Angela Miriam in Provo, UT April 6, 2016

Gracias a la Doctora Carmel Ferreira por su dedicación y compromiso por sus pacientes. Además de su humildad. Una profesional sin duda alguna.


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